Homeschool Resources

I am listing here what we use as a family of hybrid – homeschoolers to learn at school and home with our now 6 year old and 2.5 year old daughters. Feel free to be inspired and use these resources. Write to me to tell me how you have adapted or used this material. I would be happy to hear from you,

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Outdoor hours
230 hours outside/ logged on August 25, 2021Feb– This month we aim to log 50 hours of outdoor time. with precautions during the covid 19 pandemic, we spend time taking nature walks, birdwatching, building sandcastles. swinging from trees and collecting nature treasures.
The 2 +years old involves in multi sensory play with nature elements, and is now also getting comfortable with unfamiliar faces around. She plays well on swings, not yet on slides; enjoys playing along with her sister but is still learning to trust other children.
The 5 +years old involves in imaginative play, gymnastics and learning activities using nature elements. She observes, discusses, draws and makes mental math models. She is now able to introduce herself to strangers. greet grown ups and initiate her own friendships.

Mar– This month we aim to log 50 hours of outdoor time. with precautions during the covid 19 pandemic the last of the season that we may be able to spend outdoors before it starts to get too hot to step out. Our frequency of outdoor visits has reduced, but duration increased. This month outdoor visits include play parks, museums, planetarium, and visits to friends.
the 2 y 2 mo now involves in running games, collecting nature treasures, is desirous of climbing trees and slides independently (minimal support)
The 5 y 6 moenjoys one on one friendships, group games and has upped her gross motor gymnastic skills- climbing structures, hanging upside down, and attempting monkey bars

April got too hot as summers hit New Delhi; followed by all of us coming down with Cov-SARS-19 in May and then taking its very slow to recover through June 2021

July – This month we aim to log 100 outdoor hours. As part of COVID recovery, we travelled to our grandparents’ hometown in Kerala. Outdoor hours were logged comfortably in the courtyard of the house, exploring wild nature, nighttime explorations, sitting along or strolling by the backwaters, and playing at the beach.

August – This month we aim to log 50 outdoor hours. The monsoons have reached Delhi this month, putting a lull to our outdoor hours, but we are trying to meet our target with as much cloud watching, rainy season explorations and free play in rains as can be fit in.
New Delhi
February 2021
Great backyard Bird Count India 2021
The official site of the event ^^.
This goes along with our bird study explorations that the 5 year old is currently exploring. Curriculum available for purchase here

Recommended book list for 4-6 year olds for bird study is listed here
New Delhi
Women History MonthAll of a March, we focus on Women who have made history, as well as living legends to be inspired from. Our list to study includes Frida Kahlo, Jane Goodall, Lt. Gen. Madhuri Kanitkar, Beatrix Potter amongst others.
we also combine these themes with Reading, Numeracy, Art and Science explorations.
June – Sept2021
Long project : 2 to 3 yo
26 weeks – 26 letters of the English Alphabet
One letter a week study for my 2 y 4 m old. Blogged regularly here. This activity set is extended to a higher age group as well to cater to offering challenges to the elder daughter; which I’m consolidating as 52 nature exploration printables, that can be downloaded here. To start visit the blog post for A as In Ant.
Preschool Farm and Zoo animals themed studyTheme 1 of 2 for July for the 2.5 year old. Using language, building vocabulary, learning names, sounds, homes of animals, matching and counting mama-baby pairs/ groups; food they eat and sorting into land, water and air habitat.
Preschool Transport and Travel themed studyTheme 2 of 2 for July for the 2.5 year old. Using language, building vocabulary, learning names, sounds made by vehicles, wheeled or wheel less, counting, sorting into land, water and air modes of transport.
Preschool Rainy Season themed studyRecognising numbers, value to numbers correspondence, basic numeracy, number trains, pre number concepts

2 to 4 year old learning goals- and resources

Practical life skillsSpeech and Language & NUMERACY
Shape , size and colour sorting

Journaling for mindfulness for beginners
Naming words, using language to communicate in sentences, names of shapes and colours; increasing vocabulary and sentence structure formation
Weekly Letter recognition exercises (English)
Goldilocks and the Three bears based activities

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle – story based activities and journalling

Sensory exploration with water, mud, rocks, ice and other nature elements

building structures using blocks, magnetic tiles and similar open ended toys.

Matching logical pairs and putting together 2 and 3 piece puzzles
Using letter boards to work on speech sounds (English)

ABC phonics songs- we prefer to learn from Charlie and the Alphabet series // Charlie and the Numbers series

Read aloud stories, retelling of stories or scenes in short sentences.

exploration of spring and nature patterns

Animal songs and actions/ sounds

Fruits study by season- Colour as you discover cards (fruits) and seasonal calendar of fruits (India)

Season observations and colour palettes

Number sense ; counting; pre number skills, number recognition, assigning values to numbers, number trains.

What the 6 year old learns

grade 1 equivalentgrade 1 level
grade 1-2 level equivalent Beginner level
Oxford Phonics workbooks (levels 1 to 3)

Gulmohar English Reader for Grade 1

Mental Math workbook

Madhup pathmala 1

Pankhudiya series
USBORNE BOOKS First 100 words in French

Le Grand Océan- 00

Grammar Key2Practice Grade 1 English workbooksKey2Practice
Grade 1 Math workbooks
Hindi grammar Apprenons Le Francais French Textbook 00
Cursive writing | Macmillan graded handwriting Montessori math with
base 10 blocks and division/ multiplication board
101 stories from panchatantraFrench Ages 5-7: easy French practice for year 1 and year 2
(Collins Easy Learning Primary Languages)
English reading integrated with unit studies herestory books for absolute beginners in Hindi herestory books reading – French bookshelf here
The Good and the Beautiful English Language Arts curriculumThe Good and the Beautiful Math curriculum
Explorations via journalling

Plant study based on the story The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle – curriculum available here and bookshelf recommendations here.
Birds study based on the story The Go Away Bird by Julia Donaldson- curriculum available here and further bookshelf recommendations here

Nature Discovery journals : nature explorations, journalling, creative expression with mixed media : I spy Spring and Pattern hunts in nature
Nocturnal explorations, stargazing and constellation sewing exercises
Journalling the changing seasons with art, nature explorations and language study

India Unit study
chapter 1 – my place in space
chapter 2- India and its neighbours (focus: flag study)

Reading bookshelf for creative writing (integrated with unit studies) here

Goals for different age groups

Ages 1 to 2 years

Ages 2 – 4 years

  • Gross motor skills like walking, climbing, jumping, manouvering over and around obstacles, climbing up and down stairs
  • Push / Pull toys and alike
  • Scribbling on paper, floor and vertical surfaces
  • Stacking toys such as rings, blocks and nesting toys to make towers
  • Messy play with water, sand and other media under strict adult supervision
  • Sensory play with varied textures including dough, soft toys, squeezing, crumpling toys
  • Dexterity building : Zip / Unzip; Open / Close lids/ Latches
  • Matching lids to boxes
  • Following the leader- When you are happy / Twinkle twinkle and other action songs
  • Following 2 step commands
  • Fine motor skills _ stickers/ Bindis/ Putting balls in toilet roll tubes / painting with fingers/ sponge/ cotton swabs/ paintbrushes
  • Stamping with rubber or foam stamps/ cut vegetables
  • Put together 2 and 3 piece puzzles
  • Sticking and Peeling off tape
  • Coins through a slit (Coin bank)
  • Nature exploration
  • Routinely being read to/ Flipping pages/ Showing interest in pictures in books

Goals for Pre KG (3.5 to 4.5 year olds)

  • Can write own name
  • Knows own birthday and home address
  • Knows colours
  • Knows all letters and their sounds
  • Can listen to a story and tell what it is about
  • Can identify the beginning sound of a word
  • Can draw a picture and tell a story to match
  • Can complete a pattern
  • Can identify and name shapes
  • Can count objects
  • Can write and recite numbers
  • Knows what comes before and after
  • Knows relative words (big, bigger, biggest; etc)
  • Knows comparative words (opposites)
  • Uses pencils, crayons, markers, glue, paints, brushes and scissors
  • Reads simple CVC words
  • Reads decodable books
  • Writes capital and small letters in print font
  • Is introduced to sight words
  • Knows vowels of the English Alphabet
  • Sings songs, dances
  • Socializes, shares, plays with peers
  • Identifies letters of a second language
  • Say full name
  • Name members of the family
  • State parts of the body
  • Identify animals, plants and birds
  • Identify front, back, up, down, right and left hands
  • Knows shapes and colours
  • Knows age and gender
  • Recite the alphabet in English
  • Recognise letters and their sounds
  • Can count and identify numbers
  • Draw, paint and create
  • Use scissors to cut straight and curved lines
  • Pre writing skills (letter tracing boards. writing in sand/ pattern writing)
  • Pretend play
  • Recite stories
  • Imagine and create stories
  • Can talk about the time of the day, routines and weather
  • Clean up and organise after play
  • Listen to and learn music
  • Role play
  • Play with peers
  • Colour within boundaries, mix colours
  • Solve 10 to 30 piece puzzles
  • Play with building blocks, construct with Lego
  • Treasure hunts and I spy games
  • Matching and building pairs, telling the odd one out

Goals for KG (4.5 to 5.5 year olds)

  • Can write full name, using Capital and Small letters appropriately (print font)
  • Can identify first, middle and last sounds in CVC words
  • Can break up words into syllables
  • Can clap and count syllables
  • Can recognize and produce rhymes
  • Knows days of the week, seasons and weather
  • Knows months of the year, names of festivals and important days
  • Can read Sight words
  • Can read CVC words
  • Reads graded readers
  • Can write sentences using capital and small letters appropriately
  • Can identify short and long vowel sounds
  • Can count to 100 by 1s and 10s
  • Can identify 2D and 3D shapes
  • Can tell which group has more/ less
  • Can add to make 10
  • Can add and subtract within 5
  • Social skills- waits his turn, says please and thank you, greets others, introduces oneself
  • Writes letters of a second language and builds vocabulary