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A 21st century skills
 Story-based journaling curriculum

The idea of the Think Alternate curriculum is to empower you, the parent/ caregiver/ teacher to engage with your child/ ward/ student in a meaningful manner, to supplement their learning outside the classroom in the most effective way while emphasising on play and real-life learning.

By providing you a child led, and parent facilitated curriculum, based on story telling and book reading, we offer an open ended framework for parents who wish to homeschool their kids or supplement the kids learning at home, beyond formal education.

Contrary to our understanding of intelligence, which would be generally understood as “intellect”, intelligences are of 8 types, as enlisted in the “multiple intelligences theory” by Howard Gardner. Understanding the way a child learns, which intelligences are most dominant- is the first step to designing a curriculum for a child. The methodology used in this curriculum is Montessori-inspired and allows for flexibility to tailor to your teaching style and the child’s learning style. There is no “one shoe fits all” in learning and that is the thinking proposed here.

Essentially the curriculum is based on 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving and collaborative thinking – skills that are essential for the generation of today.


Frequently asked questions

What is a story based curriculum?

Curriculum designed around reading of a popular story book; all activities in the curriculum are 21st century skills building activities linked back to the story of choice. 

What is a journaling module?

Our curriculum is open ended. There are no right answers, just directions to lead a child to explorations across disciplines using creative thinking, critical problem solving, collaboration and computational thinking (21st century skills). 

Each child will learn and explore at his own pace and hence, a journal or scrapbook becomes a more open medium of expression than the tight spaces of a worksheet or workbook.  

Using a journal allows the child to link forward  and backwards to topics of interest, pick and choose activities from the list as per his choice and interest and leave room to come back to these explorations at a later point in the future. 

Journals are a powerful form of self expression and journaling for kids is sure to become a powerhouse of ideas.  

Is there a timeline for completion of a module?

We estimate it takes 2 months to 2 years for a child to complete all activities within each module. Each child learns at a different pace and we must allow for letting the child lead his own learning. 

Come back to the activities and journal every time you read the storybook and conduct a few more activities and fill in the journal at your own unique pace. 

A rhythm planner is included to help you link your past journaling with the future plans. 

How can I access the curriculum?

Curriculum based on stories and nature exploration is available for purchase on my webstore. My blog is regularly updated with ideas, resources ans out of the box teaching methods.
the curriculum files are downloadable as printables (PDF format) instantly at checkout. A copy gets sent to your email address too.

Can I have a hard copy instead?

If you’d like a hard copy to be sent to you, do write to me at and remember to leave a mention in the order notes as well. Shipping is inclusive of the pricing and currently I ship only within India.

What does each module contain?

📄 60 PLUS PAGES OF THEMED EXPLORATIONS : 15 + activities woven into the story, catering to multiple intelligences and based on 21st century skills.

Currently available modules on the shop for ages 2 years to 6 years

What’s in the pipeline ?

We have 3 new modules in the pipeline releasing June to October 2021 (see below) and a Festival season module releasing around Dusshera 2021

  1. Stellar Explorers for Ages : 6 years plus (Montessori Elementary inspired | The first Great lesson | Based on How to Catch a star by Oliver Jeffers)
  2. Early Earthlings for Ages Ages : 6 years plus (Montessori Elementary inspired | The second Great lesson | Based on Here we Are by Oliver Jeffers)
  3. Diving Down The Deep Blue for ages 4 – 6 years (Ocean exploration | Based on The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson)

Introducing our newest curriculum open for preorders / blocking for 6-8 year olds. This one is based on How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers and the content flow is inspired by #montessorielementary The First Great Lesson

The first Great Lesson – origins of the universe, star formation, galaxies, constellations, solar system and Planet Earth (this last topic Earth will be covered in detail in the next curriculum that releases in a couple of months- based on the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers)

 Do you have products other than story based curriculum as well?

Yes, nature exploration modules, letter explorations, spring discovery cards, pattern discovery cards, animal eyes 2 part cards, mini modules. Find them all here!

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