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What a Pre Schooler learns at home

Ever so often I’m asked what can be done with pre schooler at home- to keep him/ her engaged, learning and growing. And so very often I’m compelled to say – NOTHING, REALLY!

A child as young as 2 years who is absorbing everything from his/ her environment, leaning from observation, mimicking his/ her surroundings needs very less “engagement” ; what he or she will learn from attention that a caregiver pays And the way he/ she is communicated with, matters more than anything else.

You may be offering a shelf of activities, or trays to entice him, a fancy set up or a hard earned DIY, what really matters is how you INVOLVE YOURSELF WITH THE CHILD.

Here you may find a list of checkpoints (or goals, if you may) that you could work on with your child ; so that by the age of 4 years, your child is ready for the next set of (age appropriate) checkpoints

Having said this please remember this very important point that Magda Gerber has made :

What are the checkpoints to keep in mind with a Pre Schooler

For a child aged between 2 years and 4 years, one may keep in mind these points

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