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Peacemakers: Gandhi Unit Study Resources

I’ve listed here resources from around the web to put together a week long (or month long- depending how deep you would like to dive into this topic) unit study on peacemakers of the world; starting with definitions and children’s interpretations of peace, art and song stimulation to understand peace and then moving on to looking through the life and works of peacemakers around the world.

The focus then shifts to India, and we pick the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi to study deeper, while touching upon the history and Geography of British India and the Freedom Struggle (suited best to beginners, ages 6 years and up)

What is PEACE? Interpretation by a 6 yo

What is peace? UNICEF CANADA

The Power of Peace by Global Goals

Peacemakers of the World by Montessori for the World

Morningside Centre for Teaching Social Responsibility Teachable Moments

Learning for Justice (formerly Teaching Tolerance) Lessons

One World Peace Posters (pdf downloads)

Diversity study – What we can learn from A box of crayons

India Unit Study and Printable State and UT maps bilingual cards (with names in English and Hindi )

Gandhi Unit Studies from around the web

A2FP81 Rare studio photograph of Mahatma Gandhi taken in London England UK at the request of Lord Irwin 1931

Gandhi Study Notebook Pages by Homeschool Den

Gandhi Lesson – Learn Bright

Mahatma Gandhi Learning Pack by Elementary Nest

Teachers Pay Teachers Lessons on Gandhi and the End of British Imperialism

Literature Unit for Gandhi by Demi

A march to the Sea: Activities by Two Lions

The Relevance of Gandhi by Making History Real

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