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Snowy Animals

As part of our winter study module, we have been working with snowy animals. Those that are found at, and adapted to the cold habitats around the world- at the polar regions, snow capped mountains and temperate zone of the earth that receives a good amount of snow in the winters.

In order to predict where these animals may be found, we mapped the permanent ice sheets , snow capped mountains and winter snow receiving locations around the world.

Then individually tackling these regions gave us insight into the climatic conditions, landforms and flora and fauna in these places. (Details of this study in our winter curriculum available for purchase on the website

A few more activities that go along with this research unit on snowy animals include :

❄️mapping the animals to their habitats ❄️matching animal models to pictures ❄️studying the lifestyle and interactions of all the animals one by one ❄️forming food chain relationships ❄️learning about nesting and birthing adaptations in cold climates ❄️ body structure and camouflage adaptations ❄️hibernation and migration as strategies

What we create and have instructions for in our curriculum while working through this study :

❄️a world map of snowy animals ❄️trivia cards ❄️a movement game using a set of cards (built from research) ❄️shadow play exercise to understand changing angle of the sun

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