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Winter study Module

For kids at the age of 5 and lesser, the change of season from warm weather to the stark chill of winter may be startling. And this prompted me to build a season based module to teach the girls all about winter.

As our homeschool module is based on stories, we change up our shelves every time we work with a new module and often like to add a book or two every now and then.

This time around, our primary choice of reading has been “The tree that’s meant to be” by a Yuval Zommer

Introducing winter with the concept of hot and cold, word associations and a few activities to stimulate the multiple intelligences. We looked through various winter themed books and created a colour palette to use for all our winter based activities that we will be conducting in the days to come.

Hot and Cold : colour and word
Mixed media art work
Stimulating visual intelligence and artistic sensibilities

And we then went ahead to discuss winters in different parts of the world (our winter study module has all the lesson plans and details: available for purchase on our website)

And then as a concluding activity built a winter wonderland complete with aurora lights and skiing youngsters

Click to see 5 yo Miss A’s winter wonderland

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