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Books to introduce to 06months- 01year olds

It’s never too early to bring to your child the wonder of books. They are windows to imagination and doors to adventure.

There are 3 kind of books that I found highly useful with my kid, for introduction at 06 months of age.

1. Monochrome Black and White books- The colour contrasts really catches their eye and keeps them engaged.

2. Touch and Feel books what’s not to like here? These books come with pages in built with textured pictures that children enjoy exploring. Pic those with bold colourful pictures and large, but limited text.

These too can be picture books like the Pet Animals book shown below or a story like Sue the Cat

3. Lift the flap and Pop up books. As the name suggests, pictures in the books have surprises that are to be discovered hidden under flaps or pop up when you turn a page. These are fun learning experiences for little ones and come in various themes such as numbers, colours, shapes and animals.

Whatever book you choose, talk a lot about it. Get involved explaining little details, pointing out colours, shapes and building stories. Children internalise everything you say !

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