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Santa’s adventures across India

Back in the month of December 2017, we travelled as a family from Punjab to Goa- then Kerala and back, traversing across weather conditions and cultures. And we had a fun companion who helped us document this particular adventure.

Come along and have a look at all that we learned while Santa watched, wisely, always smiling away in his knowing manner.

Books, of course form an essential part of our travel kit, and I try to choose those that align with our likely adventures so that Miss A learns more from life and grasps that the images in books are simply models of reality.

Learning objective 1 was modes of transport– by road, rail and air and as we travelled we looked through these simple picture books to discuss our observations and make connections with the real world.


Santa hung around as we explored the train, the sounds of the movement, feeling of the wind on your face as we move at high speeds and the watched people load and unload their luggage.Road travel in the capital city New Delhi at night was a crazy mix of lights and rush and unrest.

Flying however, was Miss A and Santa’s favourite bit as now, at 2 years, she had a full seat to herself and got to fasten her seatbelt all by herself. Once Santa and she were well secure, we took off and were quickly overwhelmed by the sight of clouds and the sensation of being up in the skyimg_1771

Santa thankfully was extremely lucky for us. Just before we could move on to a highly- overwhelmed state, the air crew gifted us with our own kiddo passport that kept us engrossed. Little souvenirs from adventures like this are treasures forever!

Our go to saviour on any flight has been this constant- Melissa and Doug’s WATER WOW BOOKS. They have the ability to calm the toddlers’s senses and take them into a safe, quiet zone and honestly, nothing has even come close to this activity for the past 3 years!

Oh yeah, peak of Winters + Amul Icecream = WIN WIN


Learning objective 2-Life at the coast

When you travel from the Northern plains of India in the winters to the peninsular coasts, the change in weather is a warm warm welcome. Touch down Goa and Santa could think of nothing but cool dips in the pool, loads of messy play with sand and water and an introduction to life in the sea. Book 3 – about the beach was our starting point to identify this new landscape, and we spent a good week, enjoying the sun and sand, observing waves, collecting shells and sharing our food with coastal birds.


There’s so much a child learns from your attitudes and behaviours. Choose wisely, how you respond to situations.

Even something as simple as sharing your leftovers with birds instead of throwing and wasting them, letting birds get close and personal teaches a #toddler to respect all life forms.

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So if you’ve been to #Goa in the past few years, you’d have noticed the influx and influence of the Russian population here.

Of course Santa met some matryoshka dolls here. (Also known as a Russian nesting doll, Stacking dolls, or Russian doll, this is a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. )

Super fun for the #2yearsold #toddler to work her #finemotorskills And #imagination

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The next leg of journey was by rail again, but with multiple, long delays. This was essentially a period of learning for us, as parents. As we waited, impatiently for delays to reduce, we watched our little one making the most of the waiting period!

When you let #toddlers be, they adapt to situations better than you’d expect. We’ve had a 3 hour wait at the railway station due to delays but the #toddler had her bit of fun with newly found friends. It’s wonderful to see her interact and entertain 😉

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Learning objective 3 – Of villages and weddings!

Learning a little about culture, family and traditions in the wonderful state of Kerala at a simple Malayalee wedding.

#2yearsold #India #parenthood

And what learning going back to your roots and living one with nature can teach you, is something no school can offer.

Be it walking barefoot, collecting fallen coconuts, selecting freshly caught sea fish with Grandpa, or looking down wells, each activity was nothing less than a great adventure.

Keralite culture is steeped in rituals and ceremonies and though we don’t involve ourselves too deeply in any of these, observation and awareness of diversity in belief and culture is key to being tolerant. And this is the biggest learning adventures such as this offer children.


And so did Santa on our adventures give us wings as we were touching back our roots! For if you do not make time for adventure, you do not open your eyes to the wonders around you!

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