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Roadschool, Really?

Travel is a great teacher. It takes you out of the comfort of your home and takes you places, far beyond your imagination. It broadens horizons and opens your eyes to wonders of diversity that you could not have comprehended otherwise.

A child who travels is a child who learns from an early age to keep his eyes open to change- to accept differences without much difficulty and to be adventurous and unafraid to try something new.

Personality is built through small experiences. What you do daily becomes a habit, habits define personality in the long run.

I love to travel. I pine for change. I lust over wandering in the unknown. And this has become part of my personality because I was exposed to it early on. And this urge to wander keeps us on the edge of learning something new throughout our lives. So why not start early- expose our younglings to travel and exploration and adventure and wanderlust?

Little Miss A at one year of age had travelled from The West coast of India to the North East of India, crossed the mighty Brahmaputra multiple times by ferry, been part of our babywearing, exploratory adventures to Shillong, Guwahati, Goa and Kerala, travelling via road, rail and air.

By her second birthday, she had crossed across the Indian Landscape more times than a child of her age on average would cross in a decade. We visited lonely islands on the Brahmaputra, sat on sandy beaches of North Goa while a jazz band played and youngsters partied. We even took her to the amazing multicultural Goa Carnival at all of 4 months of age 😉

Her second birthday theme was, quite aptly “Oh, The Places She’ll Go!” Based on Dr. Seuss’ book and how true it’s been! We’ve not ceased our journey of travel because we now have a kid. In fact, we’ve now adapted our journeys to become learning experiences for the little one.

We visited The villages of Kerala a couple of months ago, where Miss A walked barefoot in the mud, caught insects and rolled in the grass. She explored wells and pools and savoured local fish and rice.

In Punjab, where we are currently based, Miss A has been exploring a new culture, visiting cattle sheds, following horse driven carts, playing in the fields and noting changes as harvest season approaches and passes.

The road can truly be your school, if only you are ready to learn!

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