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Think Alternate

Think Alternate is my attempt to think out of the box, question traditional teaching methods and bring together like minded parents to bring the learning of their children into the children’s hands.

I began to formally document my daughter’s development when she was about 8 months old. Of course before and alongside that,  we monitored milestones and focussed on building gross motor skills such as holding up the head (3 months of age), Rolling over (6 months of age), Sitting up (8 months of age), Creeping (9 months of age), Crawling (11 months of age) and walking (14 months of age).

At 6 months we introduced books to her- and soon enough we began to notice her turn the pages of her board books by herself, coo and caa at the bright characters and before her first birthday she was able to point out various characters when prompted. This was the turning point for us. I realised that no book is ever going to prepare me here on.


What to Expect the First Year by Heidi Murkoff helped us monitor milestones, prepared us for starting solids, alerted us to medical emergencies but being able to point out a character in book- that came as a pleasant surprise and opened up a window of wonder; simply because it made me stop looking at averages and monthly development charts and start to focus on Miss A- the girl she was, her interests and what her mind and body were prepared to do, sometimes well ahead of what books had to say was the “right age”

Therein lay the foundation of Think Alternate. I began to read voraciously on parenting, child development and ways children learn. This area of education is absolutely new to me- and my biggest learning in this short span of reading has been that there is NO One Size Fits All. Draw inspiration from all kind of sources- but follow your child’s cues. What the child is ready for, he/she will pick up instantly, what the child is not ready for- what is the POINT of it as it is?

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  1. Loved it and a great initiative..
    Waiting for the next one now…

    1. Thank you Jasmeet. Do share. It encourages one to write more. 🙂

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